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Until I'm 18 my parents own me

im dating this guy and my parents hate the idea of it they think hes only 17 but really he'll be 19 in a few months. im only 14 but i feel amazing when im with him and i love him to death. i would die for him and he would die for me ive even talked him out of doing something terrible. I dont know why everyone cares about how old he is to me age is just a number. and i know he loves me cuz he always tells me and he tells me how were gonna be together forever and he also talks about having kids once were both out of seems like he likes me more than i like him. he says that he cant live without me and i feel the same way. i know my parents would never let me be with him but they have no idea. hes exactly the guy ive always dreamed of hes always there and he never pushes me to do anything i dont want to and theres not one thing that i dont like about him. My friends even love him to and they always joke around about me being with him. he really is a responsible guy hes gotten in some trouble but he has a job and he gets straight A's. i just dont know what to do cuz i love him but my parents would never allow it. and everynite i fall asleep crying knowing i will never beable to be with him cuz if my parents find out hes almost 19 then they will do something drastic. im so in love and so afraid hes my protector anytime someone comes near me or trys to hurt me he takes care of it.

Yes Love does exist but it means nothing if u cant be with ur one true love because of what other people say. everyone says its a free world and i can do whatever i want but its not cuz until im 18 my parents own me.


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