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He has a gun underneath his mattress

ive was dating this guy for a while and we were doing great we went to a dance together and he was paying more attention to his friends then me so i walked over by my friends. he started actin really weird for no reason and he said dont worry i wont break up with u i juss need to think. so i sat there waiting till he was ready to talk to me and he turned to me and said i want to break up.he said not long just for a little while but thats what all the guys say. i started crying he said please dont cry u know i love u. i walked off and my friends were trying to comfort me and i felt a little better saying he still loves me. i look up and hes dancing with a bunch of different girls he had his hands right on there butt. i was so mad he said he wasnt ready for a girlfriend but yet he can be with other girls. i finally gave up and after hours of crying i went home. when i got home i felt miserable and 2 months before this i tried to kill myself well that messed up so bad so i just got a blade this time and cut all over my legs. the next day i got up and checked my mail he said he was so sorry and he wanted a 2nd chance he said somethin happend that nite and he will never do it again. i talked to him and i said he can flirt with any girl he wants like he did at the dance but that means i get to flirt twice as hard we made a deal to only be with each other and now we've been dating for a little while and he hasnt even looked at another girl. but sometimes he still acts weird and he told me the nite be broke up with me he almost shot himself he said he has a gun underneath his matress and its loaded he said as long as hes with me it will stay there. so we r doing well and were both happy for once.


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