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He was sweet to me treated me like gold...for the first year

During University i fell in love with a guy 3 years older then me & alot more experienced.but i was blinded by love.& he was sweet to me treated me like gold...for the frist year. then he was always horney be sneak into my room & undress me & the words he said over & over to be all day were "plz" "just once" he was always feeling me up...even in class,infront of my parents,& our friends.
where ever we were he would be toching me...hed be driving with one hand on my brest...or if we were standing close enough hed put his hand down my pants...he always had an erection & made gruntin & groning noises around me & any other female. i loved him but i was'nt ready to lose my virginity.i invited him over to my dorm one night so we could be alone & talk...he thought i was ready to give it up to him. i told him that he had to control himself...he got mad & punched me in the face...then shoved me on to my bed...& that night i lost my virginity. not willingly.
i was disgusted with him.i tried to brake-up with him.even though i noe it sounds crazy but i still loved him. but he would'nt take no for an answer hed bacicly kid nap me & have sex with me. & I STILL LOVE HIM.

the old sweet him...but i keep praying that he'll out grow this fase.


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