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Try not to fight with your boyfriends

This goes along with the last story I just posted. It is not a story but it is some advice that most people this day and age just don't realized, and they need to, and since people cannot post advice, just ask questions, this was the only place to put it. This is to all you girls out there:
*Love at first sight is indeed real, and it is the most real way to ever love anybody. You must have a connection with the one you love to be able to love them. No matter how great of a person they are, that really doesn't matter. You can't choose who you love. Sometimes you luck out, and sometimes other people don't. Some people get stuck with drug atticts, criminals, and so on. This is NOT because they CHOSE to be with this person, but they can't help it. They are in love, and they can't change that.
* Also, all you girls that argue and don't agree with yer boyfriends, or are mean to them; cut them some slack. They are doing the best that they can, and they don't deserve that. You may think that they don't mind, but in reality they do, they just can't help but stay with you because they are in love and like I said above, no matter how bad a person may be, sometimes you can't help but still love them. Please do not take advantage of yer boyfriends because of this. They love you-they do not want to be abused.
*Lastly, try not to fight with your boyfriends. Fights don't solve most things. Most people say ," you are supposed to fight, it builds you stronger". but in reality, that is not true. If you are fighting all the time you guys are obviously NOT agreeing on much, and there is no need for that in a relationship. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 3 years now, and we have NEVER , not once fought. Love is a special thing, especially when you are young(in yer teen years). Cheerish it, and don't try to act so grown up and be argumentive and fight , like adults do. Not all adults do this, but most do because they are too worried about voicing their opinion and being agressive, instead of calmly talking things out and coming up with a good compromise.


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