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I want to grow old with this man, and have his children

A Marine's story:

I work in a very challenging life style. A woman in the United States Marine Corps. At first i thought that it was a blessing being around these guys all of the time, but then they all started to use me for very wrong reasons. And the sad part was was that i gave into it cuz i was scared to say no. well, after going home for a week last summer. I came back to base and met up with one of my friends named Cassy. She had another friend with her. he had just gotten back from deployment and was rather charming. She introduced us. Well, we started to hang out, i was thinking that he was someother guy just wanting to use me for the same other reason. But one night, when he wanted a kiss from him, i played hard to get. It took him about an hour before he actually got his first kiss. And it was so worth it. Not only do i remember our first kiss, but he was glad too. He told me that with another girl, she would have thrown her off of the bed for doing that, but not me. Here we are now, 4 months into our relationship and absolutely madly in love. All because i said no. He loves me more than ever, and every day i see him i fall more in love with him, and he just seems to get more attractive as well. He tells me i'm sexy and he loves everything about me and would never want to hurt me. And unlike the other guys, he isn't in it just for sex, we maybe have sex once or twice a week. Sometimes less, sure it drives me crazy, but at least i know that i'm not being used for sex....again.

I want to grow old with this man, and have his children. I am so glad to have met him.


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