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Well i hope stuff like this never happens to you people, it really does suck

This is more the "evils" of love well lets say me and "D" have been best friends since I can remember.. We were always goin to eachothers houses hangin out my family wasn't to fond of him but his family loved me. Hehe. Well we just started highschool and were still good friends. Then I notice that he starts being wierd and isn't like himself at all. One day I call and say hi and then he says "I have to go I'm talking to my girlfriend on the other line." I hang up and am speechless. It doesnt bother me for awhile but then I call again, he says "Hey, we can't hang out as much anymore now that i have a girlfriend." After that i was so mad that he could say such a thing.. best friends for 5 years and now this girl comes along and tears us apart.. It makes me so mad to see him in the hall snuggling with her.. sure i might be jealous cause i dont have a girlfriend but just cause you have one doesnt mean you start acting like a dipsh*t and never talk to me anymore. Well lets go back a couple weeks i went to spend the night at his house, and about 10 times his cell phone rang and it was her. What made me even madder was that he went out of the room when he had to talk to her, it made me so mad. Today i decided that i dont want anything to do with him anymore i dont care if that makes me a bad person or whatever.. i just cant wait til a girl comes for me.. Well i hope stuff like this never happens to you people, it really does suck.


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