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I’m in love with him. Just the very sound of his name turns me on

I'm happily married for many years, and am a mother of an adorable 7-years old girl... and I'm badly in love with my boss.

I never told him (will call him G.), never tried to build a relationship - where will it go? He is married with two kids and loves his wife.

I met G. 3 years ago in the kitchen – that day I stayed after hours to finish an important project. This was first time we talked to each other – dry and technical work related conversation, but I could immediately feel some sort of electric field between us; oh, boy, he was so sexy. Tall, handsome and very smart… At that time he already held an executive position in the company.

I had a very good male friend at the office with whom I often ate out. One day, my friend and I we were returning to the office after lunch when we ran into G. He stopped and stared at me and my friend like if we were rare animals. We didn’t say a word to each other and all returned to work.

Since then everywhere I was going I was running into G. and his invitations for lunch, offers to give me a ride home or to “just stop by my office any time”. G. himself often stopped by my cube; he literally followed me at the corporate events, especially when my male friend was around. I was confused. I could not tell if he was interested or just jealous because I had another male friend. I decided to not reveal my feelings until I figure out.

Needless to say though, that my love to G. changed my life. I started fantasying about G. during sex with my husband. One thought of G. was enough to set me on fire; I never felt anything like this before.

One day my male friend left the company. Short after he called me and offered to follow him in his new company. I got a really good job offer from them. I told my boss about my intention to leave; next day I stopped by the office of G. to say goodbye… and left his office with a counteroffer to work directly for him – a desirable and prestigious position. I stayed – not because of the position, but because he asked me to stay…

To make a long story short – G. stopped flirting me. We became good friends. We talk about kids, work, and life. He highly values my work and extensively promotes me. And I cannot stop fantasying about him in bed…

I’m in love with him. Just the very sound of his name turns me on. And I’m still wondering – was he really interested or just jealous?


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