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I wanted to find out who the "other girl"

WELL me and b*** were together for 4 years and then i had to move to america 4 2 years and didnt see him at all we taled on the phone wrote letters which i miss so much emailed eash other im-ed eadh other also i had a web cam so did he even though we couldnt be with each other we still keept in touch a lot i could keep the long distance relationship on for a little bit more i truly loved him 4 years together and 2 years away but still together then one day he emails me saying he cant do this anymore and that he has found someone else and he wishes me happiness and then i try calling him but no answer he blokedmy calls i wanted to find out on who the "other girl" was so i call i really best friend of mine back home we were friends for 8 yrs and im like hey so do u know who b*** is going out with she is like hey didnt he tell u ME and i just went crazy on her ass.and that was it


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