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They constantly say things about him that is very hurtful

Right now at this moment I am crying.. why? because I feel as if I have screwed up one of the best things that has happened to me. When I met Steven I didnt know what to expect, we were together before.. but we were young at that time... now we were older and lot more wiser as well. I started falling for him little by little. All the sweet things he did got to me... he really is a remarkable person. Then came the hard part... my parents didnt know him.. my mother judged him unfairly, my sister and him did not get along quite well. They constantly say things about him that is very hurtful, yet they tell me that I have changed and that I am shying away from them. The truth is that they are the ones pushing me away. This past weekend I have cried so much, I have been so unhappy... I dont know what to do anymore... I want to be happy... and the things thats happening now is not making me happy at all. I am hurting inside.. I need my best friend to comfort me.. but he's not there..instead he's actually mad at me. He's angry at the fact that I couldn't come out of my house at 9pm to just see him. He hasnt seen me in three days and to him that just says that I dont care. I feel horrible.. and most of all, I have this feeling of lost and loneliness... there is a void that needs to be filled...I love S*****, but we have to talk everything out.. I feel like if he doesnt talk to me at all.. that Im just there to be his girlfriend... his lover.. and what ever else benefit there is to be his girlfriend. I fee used and just not wanted... I feel not worthy and most of all I know that if we can talk we can work things out... I miss him.. and I dont think he knows that!


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