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Whatever will be will be

I really had a crush on this guy, but it happened in the weirdest way. There was this dare, as a result of losing a game, and it was to dance with him at the next social. I didn't even know him then, but since that dare, I acknowledged his existance, and I got a major crush on him. All I could was think about him, and hope that
I could know him better.
On one eventful night, I somehow got his email address, and I added him on my MSN list. When I finally caught him online, I started the conversation, and he didn't even know who I was! Well, I guess he didn't even know me before that first conversation. Anyways, after that conversation, I started to go on regularly. twice a weekday, just to talk to him online.
It went on for about a month, before I finally decided to tell him that I liked him. I already suspected that he liked me too, but the signs were too confusing to make an assumption. So I finally plucked up the courage to tell him, and I quickly signed off.
Later that night, I signed on again, and we talked about what I said. He admitted that he liked me all along too, and although i felt really special and all, I knew that I had already given up on chasing him a week ago. I only felt that it was right to tell him that I had once liked him.
Now, we are actually considered together, by friends and each other. However, I know that I do not feel the same way for him as I had before. I don't know how this relationship will go, and I only hope that if it ends, that it won't hurt too much. Whatever will be will be.


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