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Me and my ex were together for a year and 3 months

me and my ex were together for a year and 3 months. at the begining of our relationship it was so amazing we both fell so hard, but we always played those games of "breakup to makeup".we had one really bad fallout after dating for like 8 months i found out he lied about his age and said he had a kid which was a lie. i thought i hated him so i revealed to his brother that i cheated on him, but of course he still tried to be with me. after that break up we still tried to be together. it wasnt the same though. he started drinking alot after that. the last time we dated he broke up with me...while he was drunk. and of course he tried to act like nothing happend the next day. i finally got the guts to tell him i didnt want to talk to him anymore. so then we didnt talk for 2 months and i really started to miss him. then after 2 months he called me out of nowhere i didnt think he stil liked me because he was tryin to make me jealous, so i thought it was over for good. then a couple days ago he started calling me obsessively and i finally decided to see him. he was never one to say how he felt. that day he came over though and started playin all my life by KCI-JOJO and telling me how he will always love me and wants to try again. it doesnt sound like much, but coming from him it was more than i could ever ask for!


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