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It's been 10 months now, and they realize that they saved each other

She was the new girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She knew almost no one, except for her best friend who was also new, at the private high school. She was tall, thin and blonde with green eyes. People hated her on the spot and she spent lunches in the bathroom crying. Her boyfriend, who was very rebellious, went to another school and didn't really care about her. He didn't know how to break up with her though, so he just stayed with her, only to hurt her repetedly and make her cry at least twice a week. He was Mr. Popularity. He was a big guy, muscular with dark hair, dark eyes and a scruffy face. He had been with all the hottest, coolest girls in DC (where they lived, went to school). They didn't really talk for most of the year, except they had a computer animation class together. They was where they started talking. He always had his eye on her. He was sick of shallow, vapid girls who never offered him a real relationship. He had pretty much given up on girls for anything other than hookups, when she finally broke up with her asshole boyfriend in the middle of the school year. All of his friends told him to go for it. Thery started hanging out after school, watching lacrosse and soccer games together, walking around campus, doing homework and just talking. He couldn't help but like her. She was silly and cute and a little bit ditzy, but underneath increadibly deep and intelligent and interested in the world. Finally, after many weeks of flirtation and obsessing on both sides, he kissed her. They were in the stairwell, just talking, when he grabbed her, pulled her against his chest, and kissed her. "I've wanted to do this for so long", he said.

That night, all his friends called to congratulate him. He thought about her, and decided she was special. She wasn't like all those other girls. He wanted to be with her. She didn't sleep a wink the whole night. "He kissed me." she thought "The hottest, most popular guy in school kissed me."

The next day they went to a soccer game at a neighboring school with a group of his friends. As they were walking to the school. his friends walked in a group ahead of them. "I want you to know that i will never hurt or use you." he began, "you're an amazing girl, and i want to know if you will be my girlfriend?" Of course, she said yes.

The thing about this story, is that in many ways, it's very old fashioned.He saved her, from four years of misery, from high school hell. Everyone gave her a chance. She made an amazing group of girl friends, she became tight with many of the guys in his group. She was elected class president. She finally got what she wanted, she was cool. But, beyond that, she had a boyfriend whom she loved, who treated her better than anyone had ever in her life. They were always together, and three months into the relationship, before they both went away for the summer, he told her that he loved her. He told her he had never felt this way about another girl and that she was teh best thing to ever happen to him. She kissed him passionatly and told him that she had been thinking that exact thing for weeks now.

They made it through the summer (which is a challange for any teenage couple) even more in love and devoted to one another. On their six month anniversary, he suprised her with dinner (her favorite food--chinese take out) by candlelight and a beautiful silver bracelet. On that night, they gave each other their virginity.

It's been 10 months now, and they realize that they saved each other. They're the hot couple at school, the kids everyone knows and loves. She's beautiful and he's sexy, but they have something deeper. They would do anything for each other. They trust each other with everything.

Anyone who says that teenagers cannot find real, honest love, the kind where you love them for their flaws, where you can tell them anything, where you know that they will never hurt you, is wrong.


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