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The Night I Spent In His Arms

I Still Remember That Night.
The Night I Spent In His Arms.
I Remember Our First Kiss.
We Were On The Dance Floor.
The Slow Song Came On.
And We Started To Dance.
I Remember How I Fealt.
Nothing Else Mattered.
I Was So Happy.
The Neon Lights Flashed About.
The Music Was So Loud.
That Was When We First Kissed.
I Put My Head Up Against His.
And The It Just Happen.
We Had Our First Kiss.
Ever Since This Happen.
I Cant Let Go Of Him.
Its Been A Few Weeks.
Since We Broke Up.
But I No Its Ment To Be.
Because He Told Me.
'As Long As Im With You,
I'm Happy.'
When He Told Me.
He Looked Into My Eyes.
It Was From That Moment On.
I Knew It Was Real.
He Is That One I Want.
For The Rest Of My Life.


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