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I met the love of my life

July 13th 2004(7 months ago) I met the love of my life.It was love at first sight,only,neither of us knew that we loved eachother,we only knew our OWN feelings,it was an amazing 2 hours that we were together,I left him feeling slightly let down(cause I thoguht that would be our last day together) and yet feeling unusually happy.
We hung out the next day and by the end of the day I asked him out,to my amazment he said "yes",the next day me him and my firned went to a movie adn the day after that I said I love you and he told me he loved me too.
Theres no doubt in anyones mind me and him are in lvoe,not even my worst enemy which is also my ex boyfriend who has every intention of runing my life( its quite humourus).
I had never been in lvoe before so you can imagine,the feeling was so wonderful,so intense, perfect,HE was perfect..WE were perfect..we ARE perfect.
One day(in the winter) he bought me a ring...from the dollar store but it was still a ring,and he actualy got down on one knee and asked me to marry him,hey I love him so I said yes.
Hes an amazing person,he supports me with my decision to try out for Canadian Idol next year,he even wants to come with me to the audition,if he comes hes gonna come into the room to watch me sing.
I've written 101 reasons why I love him,and everyday i'm sending him one of those reasons,he has low confidence which i don't understand becasue hes so great.
So would YOU say its love if everytime you look into this persons eyes you KNOW he'll be the one to wake up with you forever and the one to walk your kids to the bus. I have no kids and neither does he,lol thank God,nows no time to have kids.
Is it love if everytime you dance hes the only one you see? or how about the never missing a day to say " I love you baby,I'll love you forever no matter what" or how about when he kisses you and tells you theres no where he'd ather be then in your arms,or nothing he'd rather hear then your voice,or nothing hed rather feel then your kisses? cal lthat love?
wanna hear the most amazing part about this true love? you'd think by my description that i'm living with him right? or maybe that i'm in my 20' heres the AWSOME thing,i'm in grade 10,i'm 15 years old and I met my boyfriend 7 months ago 20 minutes after the summer school bell rang,I met him randomly on the sidewalk as he was walking to his cousins.As if thats not amazing enough,I only see him weekend( see him day after tomorrow) and hes the most sweetest guy ever,most trustworthy too.
So those of you that say " you cant be in REAL love when your 15" well...i'll let youknwo in a few years what happens then eh? but I'm telling you now,you'll be dissapointed because i'll be wearing a wedding ring from this guy and when I tell you how its gone..he'll be walking my little boy or girl to the bus.
Ur 15 ur old love struck pal


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