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in love with her 44 year old disabled friend of six years

I am a 29 year old disabled female who is in love with her 44 year old disabled friend of six years. We bowl on the same team which has my roomate. One year and three and a half weeks ago he told me that he was thinking of me(which suprised me and scared me a bit because of my feelings for an ex of mine), we hugged, he was very affectionate towards me. On Valentines Day last year I gave him a box of candy and he gave me a kiss on the cheek for the first time. Then things got complicated with him having feelings for my roomate, I got jealous and hurt because I told that I loved him on Valentines Day,He gave me a kiss on the forehead and told me he loved me too. It was back and forth with all three of us. Around Halloween this year he gave me A peck on the neck( Which again suprised me). Two weeks before the anniversary of when he told me that he was thinking of me, my roomate told me he told people we knew that she was his gorlfriend which made me very upset and I am still upset and angry. Two weeks ago I was having stronger feelings for another disabled friend of mine who is 21. I was thinking about him since christmastime because he likes to flirt with me and hugs me but that is it. I was thinking of letting the 44 year old know that I was moving on and letting him be friends with me still and going out with the 21 year old.


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