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she is wanting to the more sexual and primal aspect of the relationship

I am still a young man, only twenty. In my years though I have experienced so much in the world of love and relationships. Through it all though, every relationship had the same setup and feel.

We would meet, and within the evening or next day we would have some sort of intercourse. I do not fully understand why it is that I allow this to happen, perhaps it allows for a deep connect to be forged rigth off the bat and I use this to develop a healthy relationship.

So, this time around, I wanted to break the mold of all my previous relationships. Take it slow, and resist the sexual urge, regardless of how intense this might be.

It has been around a week and the sexual tension in the air is very high. Sleeping with another person and not even acting on instinct is a very hard and confusing issue to cope with. However, I will say that the personal connection that I feel with this particular individual is so strong.

Regardless of what happens from here out, I know that this love that is starting to be forged will stick around even through hardships and all. Well, the question is when do I act on my emotions, especially since she is wanting to the more sexual and primal aspect of the relationship; only time knows.

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