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I'm starting to fall for him

It was December of '05 when i first met Leland. Both of our famelies where on a cruise to the carribean. I had made a ton of friends... most of them mexican and i was having a great time partying with them. After i had gotten back from a shore excursion one day i was in the elevator, about to go look for some of my friends, I got in the elvator and standing there was a really hott guy. i stood there awkwardly and all of a sunned he goes "so where r u from?" i told him and then i got out of the elevator. The next day i saw him at brekfast so i took some friends and we went up to him. He was immediatly accepted as one of the group... he was ALWAYS by my side. I found him kinda annoying at first but after a full day of him hanging around me and following me everwhere, i kinda started to like him. He even sang me a song at the kareoke bar that night "i dont wanna miss a thing" by aerosmith. He was the sweetest guy i had ever met but i was really interested in making my move on some of the mexicans, and it didnt help that one of my friends told him how i thought he was annoying. On the very last day of the cruise he had been hanging out w/ some other girls and i figured he had lost interest in me. I was in one of my mexican friends' room and i wound up sleeping w/ one of the mexicans. Right after we had finished Leland walked into the room, and saw me trying to put my clothes back on. He was heartbroken, he wouldnt even sit next to me at dinner that night. Then right when i was getting off the ship, i saw him, sitting w/ his parents. I walked past and waved good bye. He looked so sad as he watched me go. After i was home, i figured i would never see him again. Then he emailed me. We talked for hours. He told me that he's never felt like this before and i knew he loved me. He said i made him feel like "summer rain" which to him was the best compliment he could ever give anyone. He called me the other night. He told me how much he misses me and we talked for 3 hrs. He said he is going to join the military. I'm starting to fall for him. i think i might even love him. i hope that i can see him again... soon.


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