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I wish that he was more than a friend.

I am 29 year old female who has a crush on her 21 year old male friend. We are both disabled and in the Special Olympics and on the same team. I fell for him on the day of the male race event of the track and field, We were sitting in the bleachers watching the events going on, then we went to watch one of our teammates, he held out his hand to help me up and down the bleachers(I thought he was a gentleman for doing that). The only problem was he was 16 then and I was 24(I found that out by talking to him at a restaurant when we were with the team). So I decided to stay friends with him. for four years I have waited till he was old enough to accept me as a girlfriend. I have tried for two of the five years( I asked him twice and he told me that he was taken). These past two years we have done nothing more than hug and flirt by calling each other pet names(Mine is SoldierBoy for him, we talked about him going in the army and I started thinking about the song soldierboy, His name for me is my first name and a girl on our team last name). A week before Christmas this past year, we were on our way toward one of our aquatics competition he took his arms and put it around my waist held it there for little less than a minute. Then he hugged me as soon as I came into the gym for practice for two weeks in a row. I was little apprehensive because I love another friend of mine who is 44 years old(he bowls with me on a leauge I bowl on) but this friend likes my roomate too(This friend told me he was thinking of me a year ago and is affectionate). I told my 21 yr old friend I liked him alot he told me he was taken. We also have fun talking( He graduated from a high school that my graduating high school is a rival) about how his team will beat my team. I wish that he was more than a friend.


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