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.."your my best friend i love you so much".

wellits kinda hard to explain.. but i guess ill start from the beginning.. i think i love my best friend but i try so hard not to love him. its just that everyday when i wake up hes the first thought in my head and the last when i fall asleep at night. we share everything with each other there are no secrets between us. i no i can trust him with my whole world and he will always be there for me. he always tells me he loves me and would do anything for me but somewhere in all our conversations there is.."your my best friend i love you so much". so i no that to him im just his best friend... i have tried for monthes now to stop likeing him as much as i do but nothing seems to work. you see im afraid if he knew that loved him it would mess with the relationship we have now. i would die without him and thats why i cant bring myself to tell him i love him. if being his best friend is as close to him as i can get then so be it. i know that i will always be here for him even if i have to see him with another girl. as long as hes happy ill be happy. i just wish he felt the same way about me..


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