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His kisses were angelic

i was sitting in my 2nd hour math class me and my guy friend were working out dum math problems ever thing was going the same. Nothing different realy goes on at school untill that day when a class of students walked in to my math class it was an English class all the students looked connfused the first thing i notesed in the group of kids was a boy he waws wearing a band shirt and vans which ar skater shoes he was so cute the teacher started to speak "every one please site down and all of the empty chairs started to fill with the english students my guy friend knew the boy that i was looking at for a long time he asked him to site right behind us so he did i said hi and he smiled he didn't talk much. He started to read a book i asked him if it was good he said kind of and the only reason he was reading it was because his teacher had told them to read it or els he would not even touch it i laphed. i started to work on my math problems again with my friend we started to guff off a littl and we maid him laph a couple of times i looked so cool i started to day dream a little i started to amagine him and me together i said no me and him could never happen cuz he looks to cool for me he probably thinks im a tottal looser. the class bell started to ring and we all grabed ower books and before we left i looked over at him and i smiled the rest of the day he was all i was thinking aboutafter school i tried talking to him but i think he dint here me because he's 6'2 i know pretty tall huh im 5'7 so i think he didn't here me so the days whent bye this all haoppend on a thursday soon it was saturday i decidede to go to the public librery to get a couple of books to read yea i can be kind of nerdy lol anyways i was walking around the librery and gues who i saw yep him the boy that i tottaly liked the first time i looked at he was standing there with his brother they looked nothing alike so i thought they were just friends i sad " hey hows it going and he wouldnt ansewer i didnt know why so i jusi walked away to check out more books and as i was doing that i felt somthing tap my shoulder it was his brother he said " my brother likes you his been tlaking about you and how hwe meet you at school and all this muchy crap i started to giggle i said " oh realy" he said he wants to know if you will go out with him? and i tokd him im not going to say anything unless he comes and asks me. so he whent and told him what i said he was shy at first cuz he realy never asked a girl out because all the girls he has gon out with all asked him out. so he finnaly asked me out he turned red it was so cute and i said yes. i whent home feeling all happy we talked and then i realized i head to tell him my past yes "every one has a little dirty history" thats what he's always said to me that was his quote. i told him about my ex boyfriend that i was with for 2 years and how he was my first and i wasnt a virgine he said it was ok and that he realy didn't care about my past. i siad to him "just because iv done it once dosn't mean im going to do it again and he sai dont worry im not dating you for that kind of stuff. so we saw each other in the mornings at school and we hung out together alot we called each other every day even if we had nothing to talk to each other just knowing that we were clouse to each other maid us happyit took us a week to even kiss but when we did it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great he's kisses were angelic at first evertything was going super perfict but then we started to get into arguments every day but no matter what we still loved each other no matter what well thats what he said we staid to gether for 7 months and those 7 months were great ui feel completly in love with him untill he started to bring up my past he broke up with me and said he realy didnt like what i had done with my ex. but the next day he asked me back out and stupid me said yes because i was so in love with him students a week later we argue again because he brought up my past agin and i asked him if he liked another girl and he said no i thought this because he started talking to his ex girlfriend so he broke up with me agian his words stuck me like lightning it hurt so much beacause i loved him so much and i still dio he broke up with me on february 13, 2006 the day before valentines day. i was going to make him a big cake with cookies and i was going to diliver them to his house i even sent flowers to his class i was so sad i cried because i was going to miss him so much but im NEVER going to go back out with him no matter what. he still hasnt showed up at school he has missed a whole week of school. a couple of days after ower break up my friend told me that she was friends with his ex and that his ex told her that he was calling her up and telling her she was the love of his life he was soing this while we were going out at the time i held back my tears. why didnt he just tell me he still liked his ex instead of not saying and using my past as an excuse to breal up with me today is february 16, 2006 and im going to try to get over him. im hoping ill find some one who would love me for real and wouldnt shove my past in my face.


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