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I found out that it was better

i met him through a friend.. his name was a******... at first i don't think that i liked him cause.. i don't know.. had a bf. but after a month.. i got really irritated at my friend when she flirts with him. and to the point that i called her the b word.

so.. one day, he texted me and said that he really liked me and asked me to be his gf but i'm like no.. but he insisted... it's like... weird...

then about after a week i said es(fast huh?) well, coz i appreciated his calls as in evryday, and his texts.

then just before we had our first month.. he texted me and asked who is chris.. i said he is my friend(which id true) and i asked him where did he get the name.. but he won't tell me(and i found out later that he get it from the same friend that flirted with him) and after that. he said that i'm so stupid and stuff, liar, like i'm no use.. and so we broke up that day

i was really depressed (it's like everytime i hear our favorite songs i cried) but now we're ok but were JUST friends.. and i'm happy that way.. i found out that it was better


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