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I'm kind of stupid

there's this guy that i met at school.. i'm well, kind off new to the school but not that much... i always see him every recess and stuff. he doesn't really talk that much.. then one last tuesday, his friend and him come up to me and his friend said that "you know ths guy? he really likes you but he's shy to say it," then he said "yeah, i'm shy" and he's kind of blushing. but i walked away and stuff

now i was like thinking about him evry five minutes and i don't know why and the worst thing is

i'm stupid and i didn't even know his name!!!!! i think i liked him but i'm not sure.. and i don't think that he likes me anymore but, in the school dance he didn't dance with anyone and was looking straight at me but looked away whenever he see me looking at him.. kinda weird eh? wish i know his name... wish i didn'r walked away cause wel, dunno...

really really weird@!!!! i'm kind of stupid but i mean I'M STUPID enough to ignore him


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