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She comes from Australia

I never really felt love in my life until I met this girl during the summer of 2005. I was working in an hotel just like her, I have seen her 2 or 3 times but never talk with her. One night she came to see me in a bar and introduce her. For the first times in my life I could talk with a girl without having to make any effort. We passed the whole night talking until 4 am. At the end of the night I kissed her and we have been kissing for hours until. When I woke up ,she was gone. I saw her 2 or 3 times druing the next days but we didn't even say hi to each other until one day she came to see me and ask if I wanted to do something with her. We passed the whole day playing freesbee, football and ping pong and pool. At the end of the day we kissed again. After that we have been stuck to each other for 2 months until I had to go back in school . It was my first serious relationship and her first too even if we are both 21 years old. I stayed one day in quebec, I went back in alberta after 1 day. I couldn't live without her that was too hard. We passed the fall together in december me and her went to my hometown and passed christmas with my family. But January 9th she had to live . She comes from Autralia and her VISA was expired. I haven't seen her since, but she wrote me many times that we will end up together one day. Since she left I'M lost..... I love her so much


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