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And he said that he still loves me too

I met this guy in 9th grade. He was so cute but he had girlfriend already. There was this other guy that liked me. So i went out with him for like a month to try and get over the onther guy. We went out for like nth then he broke up with me for anotyher girl. I was sad about it for like a day. Then i got over it. But then u see the other that i liked he broke up with his girlfriend because it wasent working out for them. Then like two weeks later he asked me out. And i said yes of corse. Two weeks later he tells me he loves me. And i said that i loved him too but i dident really know if i did. Then like two months later it was his birthday and i dident call him or get him anything because frist of all i dident know what he wanted for his birthday. And second of all i dident know if he was spending time with his dad on his birthday. Because every time i invited him to go somewhere with me he would always be with his dad so why would he want to do anything with me on his birthday. Then the very next day he dosent talk to me at school. Then after school when i got home he calls me and and he tells me that its just not working out anymore. And im like ok. But it wasent ok because for the very first time in all the time that i was going out with him i realised that i was in love with him. And i couldent stop thinking about the whole time we were broken up. I had my friend give him a letter telling him how sorry i was and how much i love him. But he just wouldent forgive me. Everytime i saw him in the hallways i would freeze and my heart would just stop and i wouldent know what to do. I road the city bus home everyday after school and he would always be on it looking at me giveing me sad looks. He would always try to find ways to look at me without me seeing him but it dident work i always saw him looking at me. Then like two months later he starts to talk to me again an the computer. And im thinking thank god hes talking to me again. He was talking to me about the break up. And hes all i wanted was for you to tell me that u loved me on my birthday because thats the greatest present that i could ever want. And i said that i was so sorry and that i loved him still. And he said that he still loves me too. And now were going back out and now i know that he is one for me and the only one that i would ever want. And most of all i know that i love him and always will.


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