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She made me weep like a litle girl

we've been dating for 2 years now, for valentine i bought her a silver ring with 4 diamonds in it, i handed it over at candle light with some romantic music on. She didn't say a word for 20 minutes, not because she was stunned, because she was thinking about her ex. A half an hour before she had hugged her ex, i had seen it but didn't say anything about it. 15th February (the day after valentine, the day after i gave her that ring) she tells me she needs some time alone... she tells me she feels like she's "cheating" on me, or that she feels like she's "cheating" on me because she has feelings for her ex, i said ok, i'll give you some time, try to get over him, i love you don't forget... she tells me there's allmost nog chance for them to get back together it's just that she needs some time off. I grant her wish broken hearted but assured that she'll come back to me. When i was waiting for her at the busstation. A friend off her's comes to me, i see her standing, want to wave at her, she takes off... her friend tells me that she's back together with her ex. she had sent me a message saying "miss you" 2 day's before, now i hear that at that time she was in bed with that a-hole. he had cheated on her 3 times and still she goes back to her. I hadn't cried a tear of sadness for 3 years.. My father died 5 years ago, after a while i just wel emotionless... 3 years i hadn't cried of sadness, now she mad me weep like a litle girl.


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