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Love is the best soup for the soul!!

He is French..sounds so romantic but i was always allergic to frenh men and stuck with my own, the irish, so realiable but so fecking boring. We met two years ago, typical irish setting ..i saw him across the dance floor in a drunken state and i fell in love at first sight! Sounds so corny but it was the first time it happened in my life. He eventually approached me and i thought he was irish and he thought i was sweedish! He had been in Ireland 5 years and he was planning to go back to France in a months time. He did go back but came back every three weeks to see me and we spent 2hours on the phone everyday. Since, our love story has also been a travel story-with me living in italy and him driving 12 hours on a motor bike to see me for 12 hours or me taking a train journey to France for 14 hours for a few days.Its been worth it, we are now both living in cork city in the republic of Ireland. Love is the best soup for the soul!!


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