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I certainly dont look any prettier than the head cheerleader

i met a really cute american,chris in a high school in Australia and had been crushing on him ever since..i'm not the only though...nearly half of the school's girls are crushing on him....the first time he asked me out i was sooooooo happy...but i was really confused,why did he chose me?yeah i'm quite popular and considered really pretty and had loads of guys pinning over me.but i wasnt the most popular girl at shool,and i certainly dont look any prettier than the head cheerleader...on my first date i tried so hard to make myself look good i forgot how to be my actual self,i never have the nerve to talk in case i said something wrong that'll give him a bad impression...but the amazing thing is that chris never mind any of these,instead he started to tell really lame jokes to ease me up and make me feel loads more comfortable around him....and i started to open myself to him and have loads of fun with him...we had our first kiss when we went to a movie couple of days after our first date,he's a really good kisser and it always send the same tingling up my spine even though we've kissed for a million times... i LOVE him so much and couldnt live without him


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