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My cousin asked her cousin if she wanted to go out with him

I liked this boy which his name is ******* and my cousin asked her cousin if she wanted to go out with him and the next day my crush asked my best friend out and she said "yes"I was real mad when they told me about it.I wrote her a note saying that she was my enemy and I also wanted to break them up, but now I figured it out.That is because she really likes him,nut I'm still jealous and i still have revenge even though i said sorry but sometimes you really dont mean t right so for the next i was crying over him and then i came up with this idea to flirt with him and stuff.but it is all forgiven for me not but for it is,because i told her forgive but i dont forgive her not even in a thousand years.Why????? she stold love of my heart and she doesnt even care so we got in a fisht and guess who won?I DID!duh she doesnt know how to fight at you can see or read that you are not suppose to give up on love or anything else.


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