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I know that we will love each othe forever.

well here is my story. I saw this guy on my school bus and i tought he was so ugly at first but when we got off the bus i asked him his name and he told me as soon as i saw his eyes i liked him and i told my friends he was gon be mine. I was so shy at first when we hung out and he liked my friend but when she left we go to talk and get to know each other it was really late so i had to go and i gave him my number we talked for a week and i asked me if he likes me and he said yes and i was like y didnt you ask me out he was like ill go with u if ull go with me. So we started goin out. The worst thing is i wasnt supposed to have a bf so we kept it on the low but through and through we made it.We have been goin for a year and 1 month and i love him. But the thing is he moved to chicago 7 months ago and i miss him so so so so much. I know we can make it and if we dont he knows and i know that we will love each othe forever.


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