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After I had our son I basically forced my ex into his life.

Hi I'm V and here is my story. When I was 16 I met what I thought was the love of my life. I got pregnant and he was in the service. So there would be times I wouldn't see him. And that was ok at first. Earlier In my pregnancy I found out he was still seeing his ex. He told me they were over and he loved me. And I actually believed him. He did leave me for his ex and married her when I was seven months pregnant. After I had our son I basically forced my ex into his life. Not a good idea because I pushed him further away. I think he only saw him a hand full of times in a total of a year and a half. I stayed intouch with my ex even after that and I was recieving child support. In the beginning I only did that just to get back at him but when my son was two I met an amazing person (my husband now) I used to go to an Air Force Base everyday to take my son to daycare. And I only got to do that because of my ex being in the service. Anyways I was going thru the gate and I met him he was always talking to my son and flirting with me. He was always working the gates so we would chat all the time and that lasted for a year. At the time I was working at a DMV and I was going to lunch one day and there he was leaning against his car. He was on his cell phone and he looked at me and recognized me. He sees hundreds of people a day and he told me he remembered me because I was the one that had cow cover seats and a purple fuzzy wheel. Well we talked and exchanged phone numbers and normally he wasn't my type but something inside me told me to call him. So I did that night. We talked for hours on the phone about our future and what we want in life. That lasted about a week. Then we went on our first date and after I got home I called my sister and told her I'm going to marry him. About a month and half later we got married and right after that we started trying to have a baby. I got pregnant and It was another boy. I was so happy. My husband even told me in the beginning that he wanted to adopt my son. So we spoke with my ex and at first he said no (probably because the whole pride thing) but then after a while he gave in. Thank goodness because my son didn't even know his biological father at all. The only father he knew was my husband. And Ironically they both had the same first name. So my son now is Joshua II. I couldn't believe how happy and blessed I was. I knew there was a reason that I got pregnant young and I really feel that God brought him to me. If It weren't for me having him I would never have met my husband. Then my husband found out that he was deploying and our oldest son was 4 yrs and the younger one was about 6 months old at the time. We had always talked about having more kids but not right away. I think It was only a week after my husband deployed that I found out I was pregnant again. And I just knew that It was a girl. Thank goodness he was only gone for two months. Because living with my parents and having two small children plus being pregnant I was going insane. So he came home and we got a house. We found out what the baby was and It was a girl (mothers know)!!! Now our oldest son is 6 yrs old, our middle child is 2, and our daughter is 1. And my husband is deployed for the second time. He has been gone for almost two months and he still has 6 months more to go. And everyday that passes I fall more In love with him. You know that saying the absence makes the heart grow fonder Is really true. We have been married almost four years and I don't know what I would do without him. He Is my best friend and soulmate. I know I did things a little backwards but If I hadn't I just might not be here today. We have grown so much together in the past four years. With each other and our relationship with God. Also another saying Is If you stop looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right. They will find you. That's true because right before I met him I told myself my true love will come to me when I'm ready and he did. To whoever reads this just know that when you find the one that makes you laugh and cry and you know you love them don't let go. And just to let you know don't take them for granted ever. Because you don't know when they'll be gone. I still have my true love but he is thousands of miles away from me right now. Eaxh day that passes Is one day closer till he comes home.


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