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The truth is she didnt care at was all lies.

I met this girl, we were just chillin together at first then one night at like 3 in the morning she calls me crying and drunk, asking me to come get her..I had no idea where she was but i told her yeah....i had her put someone on the phone to tell me where she was and i went to get her...when i got there she had thrown up and was knocked out....i picked her up,carried her down the stairs,put her shoes on her, and carried her to my car...when we pulled up to her house she was still kinda out of it, i woke her up and she climbed over to the driver side and just layed there...head on my chest....At this time i had been chillin wit her for a couple weeks and i was feelin her, so she starts shaking and doin some shit i neva seen b4, i thought she was havin a problem with all the alcohol she drunk so i told her i was going to go to the door and get her mother, she then sat her head up...looked me in my eyes and said i dont want her, i want you...then she started to kiss this time it was like 4 in the morning...i should have been at home sleep because i was supposed to be leaving town that morning and needed some rest, but instead i get up at 3 and drive 30 40 minutes to "rescue" her...but anyway she started to kiss me and we kept at it for a minute, when i had relized what time it was i had to she went in the house..
I was out of town for about a week and a half....during this time i was talkin to her on the phone everynight for like 3,4 hours...she start gettin into shit about us becoming a couple, now i had just got out of a relationship and i wasnt really looking for another 1 at that time...but i felt we had a real connection so i said thats how it after we were together for a while she starts talkin bout that she loves me...and i had been feelin like that about her for a minute but i didnt want to say something that could have messed things when she told me she loved me..i told her i loved her to....through our relationship i did everything for her..i was a real gentlemen i never lied to her, i never cheated, i took her out, i bought her things, i really loved her and i showed her everyday.....then 1 day she starts gettin real cold and distant...after a week of her acting all funny...i tried to talk to her about it...but she started acting she didnt care about anything...that really hurt this point we had talked about marriage and having kids, but now she actin all cold toward me...She really hurt me that night when i talked to her on the phone about it...i had never felt this pain that she had caused me b4 that night after i got off the phone i relized that this relationship wasnt going anywhere and i broke up with was very hard..i thought i was in love...and i aint goin lie...i havent cried in along time about anything, but i cried over her.....for the next week and a half she called me everyday and pleeded with me to take her back and tellin me that she had like anybody in love would do...i believed it and took her back.....through that whole episode i started to think that she was cheatin on about 2 or 3 weeks after we got back 2gether i began to ask questions and she couldnt really give me a strait answer...then she finally broke down and told me everything or what i had thought was everything, she had been giving her number out, and meeting guys, and having guys come to the house....i couldnt take first i was mad, but i wasnt surprised i had expected i went to her house the same day to get some of my things....she acted so cold 2 me like i had done something.....My heart was so so brocken that day...then while im in my car driving home....tears falling from my eyes she calls my phone...i dont answer she leaves a message.....i check the message and it says that she had sex with some guys to...and she said it like it wont nothing, "oh 1 last confession...i had sex with kevin...a couple time actually"...thats how she said it...after she just seen me leave all bent out of shape and emotional....That was the last thing i could take.....i pulled over and cried..and cried....yeah im a man, but i was just so hurt....after all that i did for her...which was more than alot of men would do for a women...alot of things i dont want to get into but i busted my ass to make her happy....I never lied, cheated, though about cheatin, or been in a situation to tempt me to cheat....for her i put my friends and family on the back burner....i never hung out with my friends while we were together...they were all single and liked to go out and party and talk to girls and i knew hanging with them would have put me in a sitaution that i was tryin to avoid....but to make my story shorter.....i gave up alot of things for this women who i loved and thought loved me....and the truth is she didnt care at was all lies..she broke my heart with no hesitation and regard to my feelings, after she had begged me to take her back...just so she could put me through even more pain...i lost my friends..and strained relationships with family for its over and i am really all one to talk friends....and no love....there is nothing i can do, but sit in this room and cry...and ask myself why?...why would she do this to me?....why string me along and play with my feelings? dosnt make will be a very long time b4 i can trust another female. I guess the nice guys really do finish last...


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