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Yo u can say it was love at first site...

well at first he dated my best friend... i turned around as she pointed to a new kid. he looked back at me, i turned around as a chill crept up on me... u can say it was love at first site... it felt like it was. we started dating... well actually it was on and off but i didn t care how many times we broke up it wuz how much i loved him... even though he treated me so wrong and badley i couldn t say no i just couldn t!! i decided to forget him... but i still loved him... every part of my heart, but then he asked me out and i couldn t resist , but one day the next period of class i looked to see that he was flirtin with another life felt brokened, ???? told him to look at me and he saw but no reaction in his face i felt like running away and i knew from that moment theirs no turning back. i was so blind... but after weeks of crying we went back out... his best ?????, moved and he cared for my best friend ????? and ???? told me to spend the best time with???? as much for anything.i said sure... but the last day of school ????? broke to me that she was moving too... to brake things more????? was moving too. well to tell u d truth i didnt kno what to say i ran to him and said your moving aren t you? and he nodded and tea rs came down my face and i said PLEASE DON T LEAVE ME!!! but that was it he was gone.....


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