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My Love story starts about 30 years ago

My Love story starts about 30 years ago when I only knew the man I have fallen in Love with, as casual friend and good neighbor. He married, I married life went on. We of course were very unhappy in both of our marriages, I divorced long ago. He has been married 17 years and only three of those years did he live with his wife. She became a drug addict and used his kindness to take advantage of getting her way....she is gone now out of his life, has been for many years now. He says he was madly in love with her but I feel he was only trying to fix her, as I have done with many of my relationships in the past. Both of us learned years ago to keep our guard up by building ourselves brick walls so thick...nobody would ever be able to penetrate them.
October of last year I became very ill and he was right there for me he became my in knight in shining armor, mind you we were still just friends and nieghbors. In time we became closer and closer, one day I kissed him because he was so shy, and there began our romance. He said he has had a crush on me for years and I asked him why he never made a move, he said he did not think I would be interested. He was right until last October....when I asked God to help me bring my walls down and let this man in before it's too late. Now I am so glad I did.....we feel like young teenage lovers when we are around each other and we have begun to trust each other. Love is so risky but so worth it,especially when it is time....we were waiting for the right moment to meet each other again and I am guessing our age has made a big difference. We trully did not believe Love could happen again for us but it has. He will be finally divorcing the wife he hasn't even seen in 14 years, he was just financially not able to and he had no reason he said, until he met me. I have a strong belief in God so I have had a hard time dealing with that part of our relationship. I am so sure that he will ask me to marry him after the divorce that I have decided to let all of you know when it happens...I believe we will grow old together. We have the strongest bond, and only because we talk to each other about everything and we respect each others individuallity.


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