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Well when i was in 7th grade i met this guy

well when i was in 7th grade i met this guy. igot to know him really well then one night when my parents went out we were talking on the phone for 5 hours!!! i liked him like so much but he of course had a girlfriend.well sometime when we were talkink out of nowewhere he asks "is it possible to be in love wit two people at once?" and i was like i dont know y? he was like because i love andrea but im also deadly in love wit you. i was juss like o my godthen a week later he broke up wit his girlfriend and asked me put i of coure said yes.but the like two days later he starts telling every one he was gona brek up with me so i decided i wasnt gona talk to him but then one of my other really close guy friends asked whats wrong (he could tell by my face) so he went over and got j t he asked what was wrong so i told hem and we ended up breaking up but he asked me if i was alrite with it and i said yes. that nite i called him and toled him i wasnt alrite with it cuz i am in love with him and he said he was glad it wasnt cuz he loved me too and he appologized amillion times we got back together and are still together as seniors in highschool. were gona graduate and go to collage then get married. we have it all worked out! i love him soo much so thats my story! lol have some humor! lol

loves d.o.


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