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We've been together for three years now and im still in love wit him

have you ever had that one guy that makes you feel special but then you break his heart? i have and im very srry for it.this kid named matt and i were like best friends but we startted datting. he made me feel so special but i just didnt feel rite so i broke up with him. i broke his heart. he finally got a girlfriend and i was really happy for him but then i fell like madly in love wit him.well his girlfriend like always talked bad bout him behind his back but he wouldnt even believe his bestfriend(me)(kinda sad)so she told him that he couldnt talk to me.(he actully listened!!!!!) so when she wasnt around i told him everytingand finally got him to believe then i told him he diserved better and left. well later that week he broke up wit her(yes!!!!)(lol) and asked me out and i of course said yes. weve been together for three years now and im still in love wit him. see its possibe! lol
loves s.w.


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