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Out of nowhere, a swarm of butterflies hovered over the field

We were together in a vast field of colourful tulips, the scent of which almost made us feel like heaven…

Sarah’s infectious laugh, as we were running filled me with a joy that cannot be explained. We finally came to a halt, not because we were tired; we were not, but the view we had of the valley was impregnable. It appeared to be timeless. As we stopped to take a deep well deserved breath, a slight breeze passed by us and lifted up Sarah’s long black hairs, which whirled majestically in the air. Above us was only sky and it was just the two of us. At that instant, I thought I was the happiest man on Earth and indeed I was.

We finally crouched down in this bed of flowers, our eyes gazing the blue sky as some rare clouds passed by, unaware of the joy that filled these two souls, lying down, well below them…

What happened next still remains unbelievable. The scene that my amazing eyes were to witness would remain forever unforgettable. Out of nowhere, a swarm of butterflies hovered over the field as if they form a single, unique creature. We probably saw millions of them. They were of all colours: blue, magenta, yellow, or even golden.

“They’re probably there for the pollen… or the nectar…”, Sarah said.
“Guess you’re right”, I answered, still delighted by the scene.
Soon these charming little insects whirled around us. It was as if they were performing some sort of nuptial ceremony…for Sarah and I, at least that was what I imagined. At that moment we decided that we were undoubtedly in heaven, and we were happy to be there…

The butterflies stayed there the whole afternoon. Sarah said that they were our hosts and that we were their guests. She was probably right. It was only by dusk, when the sun started to shed its last golden beams of light over the valley that the insects grouped back again, and in unison the whole swarm then raised like a magnificent mythical phoenix to finally disappear behind the mountains. The scene was delightful.
And then again we were alone…
We remained there, silent for a long time.
“What did you enjoyed most during this day, Mark, the flowers or the butterflies…”, Sarah finally asked evasively for she started to gaze at the stars. She loved them. She always did.
“Guess both…” I answered as sweetly as could be.
“Loved all of it too… this day’s magical mark.”
“Sure honey, this is our day…” and I continued, “Sarah’s, there’s something I need to tell you…”
She did not answer promptly. Rather she turned to me and her eyes met mine. It was as if she could read my mind, as if there was no need to tell her anything. She knew it already…
“I’m all yours, sweetheart”, she gently mumbled at last.
“Sarah, I’ve said it a lot of times, but need to say it once again… your smile worth’s a thousand roses, and all the butterflies in this world would not be enough to represent how much you mean to me, Sarah, you’re all my life and I love you…”
At this point, her lips were almost on mine. The kiss we shared seemed to last for an eternity…
Then as she gently retrieve back, I realised that her eyes were filled with tears; but they were smiling too…a smile I’ll never forget.
“Mark, I love you; you’re my every breath and every heart beat…”


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