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I was about 16 years old at the time (in senior three in high school), I felt like my life was going no where. My friends were starting to get into the drugs (eventually the heavy ones)I knew that is defintly not what I wanted, I was an athlete, I knew I was somewhat smart I just needed to put some effort into my school studies. One night I went home and had a huge break down, I knew that if I didnt get away from my friends then I would of became like them. They were trying to get me to do drugs and drink every weekend. I was already skipping classes because of them. In my School Division we need 28 Credits to Graduate. And after that third year of high school i needed 10 credits in my grad year to graduate. Well when I was at home before I went to bed. I prayed to the lord and asked him to send me someone with a loving and compasionate heart, a person that understands my beliefs (I always wanted to be a better Christian), someone that is smart, Beautiful, clever, funny, and out going. About three weeks later I was actually walking in Wal-Mart. I walked past the McDonald's in Wal-Mart(I was with my so called Friends). As I was Walking by I saw this very beautiful young girl sitting with her friends and she was starring at me aswell. I had seen this girl so many times before,she was 2 years younger than me, when i was leaving Middle school she was just comming there. she was a figure skater i was a hockey player, i always saw her at the rink. Well as I walked by her I took a second look at her. Once we past McDonald's I looked at my friends and said we need to go back. (They both saw us starring at eachother). Well they wanted to keep walking so I had agreed. Well 10 Minutes later we ended up walking back there... they were in line ordering. So i sat down at the table that she was sitting at, hoping that she would come sit down with us. Well that didn't go as exactly as planned. she ended up sitting accross the restaurant from me. We could still see eachother. All i could think about is how beautiful she was... her smill could make a million people happy. She had the most beautiful eyes. And her hair... she did all these funky styles with her hair. I had a feeling she was the one that i had prayed for. As soon as i finally got the nerve to go and talk to her she got up and left. I had no idea where she was going. I thought that i had lost her... the whole night i spent talking to people that knew that knew her. I had already known her name before this day from being at the rink. I finally was on the computer talking to one of my accquantences and this girl had went to school with the girl that i was trying to reach. Well I finally got her email address added her to my MSN messenger and within 10 minutes she signed on. Well heart started racing so hard it reminded me of christmas when you walk downstairs and see that nice bright red bike. So i started talkin to her and told her who i was, and that i was the guy wearing the Green Tommy Hilfiger Shirt that saw in McDonald's today. She was kind of shocked that i had got her email address. We just had a really nice conversation for about a half an hour. Before we called it a night i asked her for her phone number, She repilied "I dont give my number out unless i truly know you". But she gave it to me anyway. The next day i called her around 2pm in the afternoon, and her mom answered the phone and said she was at her youth Group. And she would be home around supper time. I had to work until 8:30 that night so as i was at work i just could stop starring at the clock just waiting for shift to end so i could go give her a call. Finally i got home around nine and called her and she answered (She had the most beautiful voice; very soft and heart warming) Again she was suprised that i had called her. We ended up talkin for over an hour just telling eachother about our selves. I truley felt that i had knew this girl for years. I felt so close to her when i was talking to her. She was like already a better friend then the ones that i had already. For the next three nights we would talk on the phone again for about the same time. Everything about her was so amazing, we had so much in common. Finally the third night i told her i wanted to see her. (I attended one highschool on the west side of town and she attended the other highschool on the East side of town) she was kind of hessitant at first. But then she told me that she was going to be playing badmintin at my school on thursday after school. So i told her i was going to come and watch her. Thursday finally hit, i had made an excuse to my mom that i was going to be doing homework in the library after school. I sat in the gym with her and her friends and waited for her to start her match. We clicked immediatly, she was a little nervous seeing considering she was in her Gym clothes... But she still looked Great she looked like she had just got off the Ralph Lauren Run way. After her match she i went and congradulated her. she then start walking out of the gym i followed her and made conversation. She had went outside for some fresh air. We started to flirt a little bit the finally i begged her for a picture. she wouldn't let me but i took one of her anyway... lucky she had a good sense of humor. We then had decided that we were gonna go to the mall sometime together. A week later I called her and asked her she wanted to go to the mall and she said sure. she said that she was going out to do somethings with her mom, so i told her where she could meet me. When i got there and was waiting for her to come... My friend come over and wouldnt leave, i explained i was kind of having my first date with this girl. Didnt even phase him he just waited with me... i tried to ignore him but that didnt work. When I saw her walking i started to walk near towards her, and my friend starts to follow as well. He was like a lost puppy everything i tried to say to her he tried to interupt. It was almost as if he liked her too. I wasnt gonna let that happen. So finally we left. We were gonna walk but it was a little cold out side. So here comes my friend. We accepted the ride. I hopped in the back, and then he decideds to adjust the seat for her to sit in the front. She looked back at me and gave me an EWW grin... So when we got to her house i walked her to the door and told her i was sorry about what had happend, and that i really wanted this day to go perfect. She told me it was no problem. I went home that night(it was the saturday before easter sunday) i got into and argument with my parents so i left for the night i didnt want to call the girl i was chasing.. i didnt want her to think that i was insecure. so the only place i could go was to my friends house the one who ruined my day with her. Well before i went to bed i got a call on my cell phone and it was her. (She is also very strong in her faith and a strong christian) Well she put me up to a little test to see what i would do and to find out more about me. and she asked me if i wanted to go to the easter sunday service with her. Man was i ever thrilled to hear that. I told her i would be more than happy to join her. When she asked me that i knew that this was exactly what i had prayed for a few weeks back... my life was starting to change already. That morning i met her at the auditorium (this was also the first day of meeting the parents too, and the older brother) I was so thrilled to see her... when we walked in the auditorium was jam packed, and there was no way all of us were going to get a seat all togethor. she her parents told us to go and sit up at the top (when i first met her parents i thought they were two of the nicest adults i have ever met) so we went up and sat down and the service was very good... i felt at home when i was there all the people there welcomed me with open arms. After the service was done we didnt just want to say good-bye so we decided to go rollerblading, so we went rollerblading, and as we were rollerblading we went past a park and she wanted to go sit on the swings, so we did. We were there for about and hour. And i kept hinting towards a relationship with her. She was playing hard to get. so we ended up going back to her house. and we were sitting in her room and just the way we looked into eachothers eyes i knew something was going to happen. As much as i wanted to lean over and kiss her i was affraid of rejection... i wanted to take things slow and not burn my chances. So started to say how much i liked her and that she was the most beautiful person i have ever seen, (she was playing with her watch fiddling with it, i could tell she was getting a little nervous) and i asked her if she wanted to start dating... all i could her was SNAP!!! she had broke her watch... she told me that we had just met. and she really likes me and that she does eventually want to start dating. So i said why dont we see eachother, like not dating but not quite single. and she agreed to that. (sorry no kiss) For the next month we were both so busy with school and sports. we hung out a bit but not a whole lot. One weekend she went away to visit her grandmother out of town, and it was my weekend off from work school and hockey. but that was alright it just made me like her even more. you knwo what they say distance makes the heart grow fonder. well it did. When she came back we had a very good talk on the phone for three hours. and that is when i told her that i was going to a hockey camp for the comming weekend, she wanted to do something that weekend... I felt bad leaving her. Throughout the weekend i called her everyday to see how things were going. I then decided to leave camp early and suprise her. when i was on the highway back i called her from my cell phone and told her that she meet me at the coffee shop near her house. She said her mom was going there at the same time, so i said we could go for a walk. She agreed! When we first got togethor we sat down in a field, and i told her how my hockey went. and i also told her how much i missed her, and i left the last game to come home and see her. she was happy to hear that. I started hinting again to us actually dating... nothing really happend but a little blushing on her part. We decided to go for a walk... as we were walking i started holding her hand. We kept walking and walking the sky was nice and pink from the sunset. i finally stopped her and started to kiss her... I instantly felt the love go through my body, I think i really shocked her when i did it i dont think she was expecting it. But i do know she did enjoy it as much as i did. Both of us decided that we would sit down and when we did she was sitting in front of me and i had my arms around her. It was then that she turned around and started to kiss me. and looked into my eyes and told me that i better remember this spot, and i replied "why" and she said "this is the spot where we started going out". i had never been so happier in my life. she was really making a diffence in my life.
After that school year we had the greatest summer we did so much we spent most of our summer at her cabin... lots of fun. That fall i made the a Junior A hockey team 2 hours away.. but decided that it was not what i wanted to do anymore... i wanted to graduate. So i transfered all my school credits from the one highschool and attend the one on the other side of town and played for the highschool hockey team there. She was going into grade 10 and i was going into grade 12, She deffintly made a difference in my life... I failed science two years in a row, and i was lucky to have her in my class, and i didnt want her to think i was stupid so i decided to put my all in it, and got 91% in the course. I ended up graduating that year with her as my graduation escort.... She is definltly everything i had ever asked for. I always thank God for sending her to me. She is my gift from god and i will always cherish that... And till this day in two months it will be our Three year anniversary, and it is her turn to shine and graduation... with me in the stands cheering her on. I Love you and will always be there for you!


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