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Even if there was a possibleity that i could get killed i wouldnt care

I met this oneguy that i really like alot.But there is nt much i can do or say to get him interested in me.I get really nervous around him and my knees whole body starts to shake.I dont know what to do.I reall wish he lked me and that i could be with him but its a very slim chance maybe even impossible.I think about him all the time.He is like 3 or 4 years older then me but i dont think thats stopped him before.He got in a fight and got suspended me and my freinds were highly concernd.WE had heard he went to jjc but thatnk god he didnt.He got suspended and the kid that broke his nose didnt.That made me and my friends really pist.I dont kno but i really likehim alot.I think he thinks that im just another female that has some littli crush on him.Many girls do.But its not.I realy like him and i would do anything just to be friends with him.He is awsome.I never felt this way about anyone before and sometimes im put in tears for hours knowing i might not have chance with him at all.He is a goth.AND ill always like him no matter what he does.He could kill and i would still care aout him the same way.I would always be behimd him no matter what.Even if there was a possibleity that i could get killed i wouldnt care.I try not to think about him but thats impossible.-HAYLEY


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