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Never give up on something so special

It's almost as if life shaddered into pieces yet remained stable at the same time. My story is probobly going to take more than four days to tell, but i'll break it down into pieces. Last year of april, I met a guy i knew from my school. Only didn't have a care for him in the beggining. That all changed, when we got to really know each other over such a short period of time. We went to the GWB together and with our friend, and had an amazing discussion about life like I never even thought I could with any other. Before I knew it, we were upstairs in my building and we were just talking and joking. Then, I had to run so he ended with asking "hypothetically" if he asked me out, would I date him. I hesitated, yet knew this purpose was so close to perfection. I said yes and moments later we were a couple. We went out for 8 months in total, yet on one cold december day I was sick of our problems we were having. And I realized he was avoiding the subject of actual problems. I skipped a lot of drama, but it's the end that scares me most. I decided after class, I would run to his school and "drag" him out of class and confront him of being ignorant. So, then we had a discussion in the hall way, and every word blabbered out without any thought to it. We both went speechless after a while, then I decided to take a risk. Since, he never told me what he wanted I asked whether or not he wanted a break. He looked at me and i knew he did. Then, i said well i dont. He looked shocked, and I told him how much i care and love him, all my reasons. He agreed, but i really had to get home. So, I left and he followed.. and we wanted to know what to do yet no words could come out in any way right on any level. I broke down and started tearing up, I then left. I cried NON stop for the night and the upcoming morning. The next day was a snowday, and I decided after a lot of thought, to come over his house and discuss. I would've only regretted to do so. I came there, and then after talking even more nonsense, I asked are we talking about taking a break, or breaking up? He looked at me, and i knew it was the end. yet, the unfortunte part is that it should'nt have happened at all. It was his family problems that cause the split, my misunderstanding that added onto it. Our lack of communication. We stopped talking for 4 months and then he finally came back explaining how he regrets it and misses me, and not a day goes by without him thinking if.. only if.. we didn't split it could've, just could've been the most beautiful thing nature, god, anyone could've possibly brought into the world. Because we had something more than a school love, young love.. it was real. It was something more than anyone could've put together at such a young age. Then, i finally had this strange yet understanding revalation letting me know that I had to let him know we weren't supposed to go back. We stopped talking, again..
We were beautiful, I still love you.
We're both sorry.

Never give up on something so special.


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