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nights full of flirting and fun.

Well my life wasnt going so great about six months ago. My friends just werent always there for me, and i started to get these horrible nerve reactions to the point where i would throw up. These got so bad at times I would throw up even if i were just going to the gas station. It was pretty pathetic...Well over that summer i started hangin out with a new crowd, with him in it. One night a few months after i met him, he had his sweet 16 birthday party...i was 14...He invited 4 people, me 2 guys and 2 girls...the whole entire night was fun, but every chance he's get he started flirting with me. He had these chairs that were shaped like shell's and only enough for all but 1 person to sit in, and he always sat with me (2 people squished in 1 little chair) well that night had many to follow just like it, nights full of flirting and fun. this happened over the next few months, but also over those next few months we started talkin on the phone from about 10 at night to 3 in the mornin, jsut pouring our hearts out to eachother. by the time school started back up again we knew everyhting there was to know about eachother. but then suddenly a week after school started we didnt talk for a wholoe month, not one single conversation (see he was a sophmore at the high school and i was a freshman still in junior high) then suddenlt one night he called me up and i found out that he had a girlfriend, that broke my heart! over the summer i started to fall in love with him, but he never knew...he did ask me out over the summer a few times, but i was always scared of commitment, (beacuse of my life and my nervous condition i thought that it would be way too much to add a relationship to all of that) well we talked on and off over the next month while he was going out with this other girl, but everynight he would say that he didn;t really like her and that he always still liked me more and wanted to be with me...well one night my friend and her bf doubled dated with me and him, and we went to the movies, and at the end of the movie we were standing in front of the old theatre, and as my friends were leaving they kept saying kiss him kiss him u know you wanna! well right before i walked out i kissed him...i knew it was soo wrong because he had a girlfriend, but i couldnt help it one was sooo ackward though because that was my first kiss (and i knew he had made out with many girls) it olny lasted a second but it kept a smile on my face for hours n hours to come. well that night i went back to my friends house with her and i was talking to him on the phone for hours and hours and finally my friend grabbed the phone from me and said his name, and said repeat after me....will you...go out...with me....and he repeated it and i said yes! so officially on october 1st 2005 we started going out, he did still have a girlfriend, but he broke up with her the next day (i know that seems really horrible but its not so dont judge him plz!) since then he has been there through my mom getting breast cancer with me, her surgery on thanksgiving, my brother being in the hospital many many times for his condition. i have been through with him his running away and sneaking out of his horrible life at his "gaurdians house" his moving in with his sister, his mom being an alcholic, his drug and drinking and smoking problems, and many mroe things. we have just totally sompleted eachother these past 6 months almost now, and i could not be happier one bit. i know he is the man that i want to spend the rest of my life with and iknwo that i will! i will always love him


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