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We were like two lost ships stuck together in a storm

I'm only 19, a bit young to speak of true love! But if people could stop judging and appreciate the truest feeling in the world, things wouldn't be this bad now... It started in high school, I was 17 and he was a year older. I had just broken up with a psychologically unstable artist 6 years older than me, after months of trying to free myself from his grasp. I needed relief from my rigid catholic education, but this guy was even worse! On his side, my boyfriend was tired of one night stands and superficial girls. Love had disappointed him.
When our eyes finnaly met, it was like if two lost ships stuck together in a storm. We had both found a light to help us face life. Our first kiss was at a party I gave at my house. I was quite drunk and he held me so I could walk straight. His arms were firmly holding me, he looked strong and calm and gentle, I was craving for that gentleness and a boy to talk to. We kissed a outside in the freezing cold. Inside I could my sister watching us with hate, for having a boyfriend in my family is a sin, and my ex's souvenir was still very close. She didn't speak to me for months after that, but I was ready to sacrifice even my family for him.
That night, he just tucked me into bed and slept on the couch. We only slept together 3 months later, it was magical... I love his smell and his soft voice and his philosophical jokes no one understands... I love his color-blind eyes, his never-ending smile when he looks at me talk. He's my truth, my purpose, my lover, my brother, and my best friend...
Now we study in different cities. I crave for him day and night, I cry every time he leaves or I have to leave. i try to act strong but I know this cannot last. My parents will kill me if they know I am seeing a boy, and he can't stand that. We try to go on weekend trips together, to take some time to love each other, but I need to lie every time. We love each other so much, we would die for each other. But I know I have to wait and leave my parents time to accept us... at the risk of loosing him.


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