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life gives us wonderful things every day. one of them is true love

well, i was only in love once. He was my best friend but he had no clue i was in love with him. when i finally told him, he was completely shocked, he told me that he had not seen that coming, and that he needed time to think about it, about us. we agreed that we would talk aboout it when we were ready. two days later, i go to my best girlfriend's house and i knock on the door but no one answers. i get the spare key and when i open the door i find him laying on top of her, making out and about to take his t-shirt off. i froze instantly. i did not know what to do, and the pain in my heart was killing me so i just turned around without saying a word and ran to my house. i didn't answer the phone or read my emails for i week. i shut myself completely. since that happened, i have gone out on dates, but i have a hard time trusting people, because the fear of getting hurt again has not left me. i talked about it with a lot of people who actually care about me, and they all said that eventually i my wounds would heal, but sadly, no one could tell me when. sixs months ago i met this really nice guy, one of my friends introduced us, and we liked each other from the start. i told him about the failure of my first love and he said that it was just a crush. when i heard that the pain came rushing back to me, because it had been no crush, it had been love. i know it now as well as i knew it then. when he realized how he'd made me feel he immediatly apologized, and he said that even though i was still mourning over that, he hoped that there could be enough room in my heart for him too. i said yes, and since then we have been going uot, taking everything slowly, and he respects me and i feel as if he truly cares about me. i guess my advise would be that life gives us wonderful things every day. one of them is true love, and if not all of haven't found it yet, it's because we're not looking in the right places, and we're not looking with our hearts.


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