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So closely lost in one another's world.

A year ago, there was a guy 'F' that I met, and since I'd heard alot of rumors on how perverted he was, I decided that it was a guy I wanted to stay away from. This year, we started talking, and in the first month that I got to know him, he used to hug me, and hold my hand. Later did I realise that I had fallen deeply in love with him.. he kissed me on my cheek, and it was the world for me.. Later, I found that he had a girlfriend, and that he already knew I loved him, and had no intention of breaking up with his gf, and was just flirting with me. I started crying, never wanted to talk to him again. And then 2 months later, we found ourselves on the same point again, where we hugged, and all. And I told him it was best if we were apart. Then 4 months later, on Valentine's day, he sent me roses. That same month, he told me, thru email, that he loved me, and i started crying. Now, its almost a month that we've been together as a couple, and are happily in a love affair.. so closely lost in one another's world.


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