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Nick and I are seeing each other every week. Yay.

So I got into this amazing high school that only accepts new students at kindergarten and 7th grade--no one can get in this school any other year. So I was really psyched, but it meant i had to leave my middle school that I've only been to for a year. I had 2 of my best friends there, so I was pretty sad that I was leaving, but I thought I'd be able to see them on weekends or something so I went to my new school.
Of course, I was invited to lots of my old school friend's bat mitzvahs. The first one was in October, and I saw so many people I hadn't seen for a long time. My best friend was there as well, and she introduced me to this guy Nick. He was funny and cute and sweet, so we got along really well. He gave me a hug as I left, and that was all for that day.
In January, I was invited to another bat mitzvah. And well, Nick and my best friend were there again. We were still getting along and we had a great time, we danced talked and fooled around. We were really getting to be good friends. But my best friend told me that he liked this girl, so I made a mental note not to expect anything.
A few weeks later, my friend from my old school Juliet suddenly IM'ed me, and said "HAHAHAHA NICK LIKES YOU!!" and I was just being what the hell. I was kind of skeptic, but my 2 best friends told me so as well. I was really happy, and wanted to see him then but I had to wait until March when my best friend was having her birthday party.
The day of the birthday party was also the day of one of my new friend's bar mitzvah, but only 30 minutes of each party overlapped so I was going to be able to make it to both. There was this guy I had kept my eye on who was also named Nick who also went to my current school, but I had heard he had an obsession with this girl in his class. But we got along really well and we came up with 10 inside jokes at that one bar mitzvah, no joke. But I had to leave, and went on a taxi to go to the karaoke party for my best friend.
When I got to the party, my old friends came up to me and whispered "Oh my god, Nick really wants to talk to you" So I was nervous but I had to go change and I made sure I looked my best. When I got back into the room, I was just so panicky and couldn't utter a word to Nick. I was totally comfortable around my friends but I just froze in front of Nick. But he ended up asking me out, so I was really happy and couldnt eat much for the rest of the day.
The next day, one of my new best friends Sophia IM'ed me and told me "hey, nick (from my current school) wants your screenname can I give it to him?" I said sure, why not. So we had this really funny conversation for about 30 minutes. Then he just paused and said, "you know, I was starting to like you but now it's too late." I felt terrible, but decided it wasn't really my problem.
A few days later, my friend from both my middle schools was talking to me and she told me that she was heartbroken because her crush asked her friend out and now they were going out. She also loved the Nick from our new school, and he was basically the only thing keeping her sane at the moment. I couldn't tell her that he liked me, so I just shut up.
In English class at the same time, we were reading A Midsummer Night's Dream. I tied my situation and Hermia's situation together instantly, and was pretty freaked out by it.
But now I think the Nick from my new school got over it, and Nick and I are seeing each other every week. Yay.


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