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my little baby is grounded and i cant talk to her

It all started in 9th grade.. Ive seen her around in some of my classes in middle school but i never really payed much attention to her... as she also didnt pay attention to me... usually when you first see someone you know if your gonna like that person or not.. but for some odd reason it wasnt like this for her... once 9th grade came around she was in my homeroom class... we still didnt know each other until her friend happened to like me... they decided to talk to me so i talked to them back... after a couple weeks her friend didnt like me anymore. But Caroline (my girlfriend now) started talking to me every wednesday in homreoom.. i really thot she liked me but i didnt like her at all still... come to find out she has a boyfriend that is totally not right for her and she totally deserves better... but during that time i didnt think any of that... at the end of the year i put my phone number in her yearbook and thot they wouldnt call me which i wasnt hoping them to... but as summer came around one late night her friends and her called me.. i didnt know who it was until after awhile.. we talked for about an hour and got off... we talked online after that and every time we talked the conversations got longer... she had broke up with her boyufriend a month ago before she called me... we takled until 3 am two nights in a row and her friend told me that she liked me.. for some reason i told her i liked Caroline too.. i did in some way. there was something about this between me and Caroline that made me look forward in talking to her. Finally summer ended and i didnt ever see Caroline. Even tho i was invited to see her with her friend i never did.. But oncce the first day of school came around I have never seen so beautiful in my entire life.. She threw me back when she talked to me the first day. It wasnt her looks that stunned me but her beautiful presence that came to me after i known more about her online in the summer.. She said hi and left and i couldnt get her off my mind.. we talked again and i couldnt wait to get home to talk to her online to say i like her.. so i told her and the next three days i have never been that nervous in talking to a girl... there was something that made me look away everytime she looked at me.. it was like staring at the sun.. finally i asked her out the third day of school and she said yes... I fell in love with her the first week.. and a month later we were in love... but later down the road we started having troulbes in fighting and her losing her love for me.. we fought almost everyday but we stayed through it all... she was grounded and then we were caught sneeking out.. her parents hated me.. once she was ungrounded things were soo perfect again... but again we start fighting and she is grounded again.. we keep getting caught on the phone and last week i got caught being at her house when i wasnt supoosed to.. and i got caught again and again.. last week we broke up 3 times and she broke up with me yesterday.. we are back together of course... thre is just something that brings us together no matter what the weather is... we can get through anything and i have the greatest hoipes for your future even tho im going throu the hardest time right now... i need soemone to talk to me about this cuz my little baby is grounded and i cant talk to her...


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