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After three years i hope she still loves me

Me and my g/f where together for three years. She broke up with me because she was tired of seeing me sad and her being sad. But she doesnt realize i was never sad about her or our relationship it was something i was dealing with. I love her and miss her so much. We arent speaking right now i thought maybe i should give her some space to think things over and realize what we had was amazing. Im not sure what to do i dont want to loose the love of my life i would give anything to be with her again. But im not sure that she knows who she is anymore or what makes her happy or how to make herself happy. I know her very well and the things she says don't add up im not sure if its just a phase shes going through. After three years i hope she still loves me and misses me as much as i miss and love her. But im not sure what to do about it there seems to be nothing i can say or do to make things better for the both of us. Should i just give her time to think things over? Or try talking to her? Because its killing me not being able to see her or talk to her. I guess in time she might come to realize she was happy with me and wants me in her life.


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