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A pledge of true love from an ordinary human to an Angel

I met my Queen---two years back at a church..........

and the moment i saw her i got the strange tingle in my heart ,a tingle that said "get her and you will be complete".
Barely 5 months had passed ,I was acting with her on stage, with her as my Queen --when she amazed me in a beautiful white Gown and a tiara.
Oh man! the feel i Got.deep down inside i screamed "Kill me Lord--I am not worthy,Not worthy of her beauty".
i gathered all my courage and told her that she was the most beautiful Girl i had ever seen.she blushed but focused her attention somewhere else.
then came the day almost a year later when i found it in me to propose to her.and she said "yes".
the same voice deep inside screamed "Kill me i am not worthy".but i leaped for joy and am still in the air.
every time i look into her eyes,every time i hear her voice.every time i hear her name i realize how lucky i am.
months have passed ,we have barely met but have always stayed in touch.and still with every passing day i fall deeper and deeper into her and hope i never get up.cause i wanna fall,fall till i kill myself,cause 'i am not worthy'.

bad are the moments when i hurt her,worse are the moments when i realize i have done her wrong ,and terrible are the moments when she forgives me cause that is when i realize that i am only human.a human blessed with an angel.
i hope she reads this some day and realizes that even though i hurt her time after time,even though my words make her feel that i am tired of her ----- i will never forget how i felt the moment i first saw her ,the moment when she let me into her teritory to be conquered.its just that i cannot take the pain of the distance that separates us.
this story was written as a promise-a promise that will always stand as a pledge of true love from an ordinary human to an Angel-- MY ANGEL,MY QUEEN.

I will always Love her.


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