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So here is the pain medicine ....

welll it all starts with passing notes a hug in the hallway eye to eye contact then it get more serious dosent it well let me just tell you one thing that going out wiht some one dosent make you ko0ol dosent make you better it depends if you love him no matter what your friends say about him like hes ugly dosent matter becuase god hasent forgot about you so here is the pain medicine .... listine to your heart and it will be hard at tymes becuase then you will know that your so0o glad that you found eash other.. that all it matters but if he is on3 of dem playerz playerz u gotta keep yourself away becuase your gonna get hurt and he is just takeing advantage from you!!!

no matter what happens you need to keep it under control and if your ready for your first kiss you will know but when you make out with someone let me just tell you your in heaven all over agin feals like you have a go0d luck charm..... and dont worry no matter who you wit he will always be lo0oking go0od by your side......

The on3 and onlii ~*S.0.S*~.......


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