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Im a freshman in high school and i liked this sophomore

Im a freshman in high school and i liked this sophmore, i've been talking to him for a couple of weeks i like him and we've hung out and i made out with him. then we got into this argument so i wasnt talking to him. the weekend after our fight i hung out with this othere sophmore, his friend, who i guess secretly liked me, well i hung out with him and we made this stupid bet and he told me if i lost i'd have to kiss him, i was so confident that i was going to win i said ok so yeah i ended up losing and i kissed him i ended up making out with him and i eventually started to have feelings for him and a couple of days later the boy i was talking to first called me and apologized to me and i have no idea what was going through my head i was so confused and had no idea what to do. So i just kept talking to both of them kind of and i messed up so bad because the second boy that had a crush on me ended up getting hurt because i was hanging out with first boy a lot. The weird thing about my story is that i had this dream that was telling me who to pick well it didnt really refer to them but it was like i was talking to someone and they told me things like the person that i'll soon fall in love with will be left handed and all this other stuff and turns out they are both left handed and its just crazy and i still dont know what to do with them.i think i'd rather hurt myself by not talking to either of them then hurting two people i really like.


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