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Silence took over the place and the white

i was with my friends and as usual, chitchats all over
again.We were all unaware of what the emcee is
talking about because we are having our own
businesses and were all waiting for the most funpart
of the program.We are flocked near the
speaker, sitting in a beautifully covered monoblocks
around a nice table with a flower in a vase at its
center. the gymnasium was well decorated and the
ambience was relaxing.I n the midst of our
laughing, silence took over the place and the white
lights were off. Colored spotlights began to roam the
place and music started playing. It was so shocking
that the very first note sounded off was the
beginning of the song which reminds me of a man in
my past who recently captivated my heart at the
wrong time. As my heart beats faster than usual, a
shadow started covering the lights from my back. My
colleagues stared to someone behind my back
surprisingly, open-mouthed and all with blank
faces.Their looks at the moment made my whole
body froze and my blood felt like it has stopped
circulating."Let's dance.." the voice made my head
turn back then I saw the man i am talking about. All
my thoughts ran out of my mind and all i can see is
his smile. He grabbed my left hand and we walked in
the middle of the dancefloor. After a while, he held
me close to him and he hugged me dearly tight. His
cheeks was close to mine and i felt the breath he
released. He slowly uttered the words I've been
waiting for so long for him to say those..
"I love you.." triggered my tear glands that made my
eyes like an open faucet. Thankfully, I was able to
recover when i noticed that his right shoulder was
already wet. "Are you insane! You are committed to
someone else! What are you trying to do?" i wiped off
my tears with my bare hands but still on his tight
crossed arms around me. "We broke up awhile ago.I
know I'd hurt her but we cant live lies anymore. You
were vocal about what you feel for me eversince and
that's the time when i realized that I do love you too.
What matters here now was you and I. Would you
permit me to steal your heart and forever hide it in
mine?". My heart wanted to give in but fortunately my
mind was able to resist and I came up with a
decision- "I love you too but we cant be. You must prove
me first all those." ..
"Of course I will.." Those words
stopped the conversation and the music playing was
ended... and so my DREAM was.....


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